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Third-Party Claims For Work Injuries

Employees who are injured on the job as the result of negligence by someone other than a co-worker may seek compensation from the other person and his or her employer.

Third-party claims occur when a worker is injured on the job by someone who is not a co-worker or supervisor. For example, a construction worker who is injured by the wrongful act or neglect of an employee of another contractor on the same job site may be able seek damages from that other contractor. Additional examples include:

  • Accidents caused by a delivery driver
  • Accidents caused by a vendor
  • If you were driving as a function of your job and were hit by another car
  • If a slip-and-fall was caused by a cleaning crew's wet or cluttered floors
  • A maintenance crew disabling a safety feature or removing a guardrail

Because Ohio recently enacted many laws restricting the rights of injured people to recover compensation for their injuries, these cases require experienced legal representation — the type of representation Volkema Thomas Miller & Scott can provide.

Employer Intentional Torts

Employees who are injured on the job as the result of an employer's intentional misconduct — such as requiring an employee to perform a task that the employer knows is dangerous and is likely to injure someone — can also seek compensation from the employer above and beyond workers' compensation benefits. Our lawyers are well-versed in intentional employer misconduct cases, as well as all other work-related accident cases.

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