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Victim of crash faces weeks of pain and suffering after dragging

Those who enjoy riding motorcycles willingly face the possible dangers that are posed by road conditions, adverse weather and distracted drivers. However, there are accidents that are preventable and result in a victim facing weeks or months of pain and suffering as they work to recover. A recent accident in Ohio has taken a heavy toll on one unfortunate victim.

On a recent early Sunday morning, a man and woman on a motorcycle came to a stop at a traffic sign. Before they could proceed on their way, a driver in a large pick up purportedly attempted to pass the couple. As he maneuvered around the bike, he instead ran into it and knocked the pair off of it.

4 surprising factors that contribute to truck accidents

Knowing all the risks can help you protect yourself on the road

Truck drivers often get a bad rap, including assumptions that they drive too fast, too aggressively or without adequate sleep. As we've seen firsthand, that is sometimes true - there are many negligent truckers out there.

GPS mistakes truck drivers make

Truck drivers use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) more than car drivers. Mostly, this is a good thing. GPS helps drivers deliver cargo to the proper destination on time, with as few navigational errors as possible.

Nevertheless, GPS mistakes get made, and some of them lead to accidents and serious injury.

Serious Ohio car accident attributed to wrong-way driver

Commuting by way of the local interstates can be a frustrating and even dangerous undertaking under the best of conditions. When conditions are less than favorable, such as during poor lighting or heavy traffic, then the risk of getting involved in a serious car accident often increases. An Ohio accident recently sent two drivers to local medical centers.

The early morning wreck purportedly was caused when a driver was operating his vehicle against traffic in the wrong lane. The driver, described as being in his 20's, struck a tractor trailer on the left hand corner. That impact caused the wrong-way driver to lose control of his vehicle and go into a spin. That motion sent his car into a collision with a third automobile.

Technology advancements can help prevent a truck accident

During the first 70 plus years of the trucking industry, safety advances were limited and focused primarily on the skills and training of the driver and the equipment. However, during the past 30 years, technology has enabled the industry to make great strides in its safety enhancements. While not every trucking company is fully implementing the available tools, doing so could help ensure the safety of Ohio residents by preventing a tragic truck accident.

The braking systems were the first to benefit from technology innovations. The addition of electronic braking sensors and automatic braking ability were tremendous advancements that helped prevent some serious accidents. However, there have been several other technological improvements that can greatly reduce the instances of crashes when fully implemented. Systems that can help regulate steering and speed control can allow a driver to avoid many situations that would otherwise result in a serious crash.

Truck driver victim of fatal accident

The news media frequently features tragic stories involving tractor trailer accidents. Unfortunately, many of these collisions between large commercial vehicles and passenger cars result in a fatal accident. While it is often the passengers in the smaller vehicle who are critically injured, one recent wreck in Ohio caused the death of the driver of the semi.

Police reported that the wreck was allegedly caused when a driver of a passenger vehicle came to a brief stop at a local crossroads. For reasons that are not yet clear, the 27-year-old woman then proceeded into the intersection without yielding to a large commercial truck that was already traveling through the intersection. Her vehicle then collided with a tractor trailer.

Several suffer critical injuries in multi-vehicle car accident

Heavy summer traffic means delays from construction and other obstacles. When drivers are not fully attentive of the conditions ahead, a serious car accident can result. Recently, several Ohio travelers were caught up in two separate wrecks that sent several victims to area hospitals.

According to the authorities, the first wreck was caused when a tractor trailer driver purportedly slammed into the rear of a smaller vehicle that was stopped ahead of it. The truck then proceeded to strike another vehicle. This led to other vehicles striking those in front of them in a chain reaction wreck that involved nine automobiles. This collision sent seven victims to area medical centers with critical injuries.

How a shortage of commercial drivers could be dangerous

The trucking and logistics industry may be growing too fast for recruiters to keep up. According to a recent report by CBS, hiring demand for new truck drivers is expected to  grow by about 21 percent between 2010 and 2020.

This is obviously bad news for those looking to hire drivers – but the problems with a trucker shortage don’t stop there. A lack of qualified drivers could create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

Ohio commercial vehicle accident claims life of woman

For many people, there are few things that can rival spending time with family and loved ones. However, even the most ordinary events, such as traveling with children, can turn into tragedy without warning. A recent outing for an Ohio woman ended in tragedy when her vehicle was caught up in a commercial vehicle accident.

Investigators reported that a 67-year-old woman was driving her Ford SUV north along a state highway around 10:30 on a weekend night. She was traveling with three children, ages 4, 6 and 7. As she proceeded towards a crossroads, another vehicle purportedly made a left turn into her path. Ohio police stated that the driver of a commercial vehicle was attempting to complete a u-turn, but the driver failed to yield the right-of-way.

Ohio House steers bill to reduce distracted driver car wrecks

Advances in technology often lead to improving the lives and safety of people. However, in some instances, the use of technology can lead to dire consequences such as when the use of a phone causes a distracted driver to wreck. Lawmakers in Ohio are taking steps intended to reduce these accidents.

House members recently approved purposed legislation that increases the penalty that a distracted driver faces if he or she is caught using a hand-held phone while behind the wheel. The fine would be assessed at $100 per incident. However, an officer must witness the driver using the phone and and can only make a traffic stop if the driver committed another offense.

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