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August 2011 Archives

What Constitutes Legal Malpractice in Ohio?

A bad outcome in a legal matter does not necessarily constitute legal malpractice in Ohio.  There are times when the actions or inaction of an attorney may rise to the level of malpractice.  These include (but are not limited to): missing a statute of limitations, failing to comply with court deadlines, taking on cases the attorney does not have the experience to handle, failing to gather and preserve evidence, and failing to investigate all possible sources of recovery.

Toledo truck accident kills 3, seriously injures another

Truck accidents account for numerous fatalities and serious injury in Franklin County and throughout Ohio. Sometimes one accident can begin a chain reaction leading to additional incidents. Unfortunately, if the subsequent crash involves a tractor-trailer, the potential for loss of life often increases.

Suit claims NFL ignored warnings of brain injuries

Brain injuries resulting from concussions suffered in sports activities is a topic of importance across the country. With the increased success of the NFL, football has become the most popular sport in America. Now that the league has finally settled its labor issues and the lockout is over, many are looking forward to a new professional season starting in September.

Cincinnati park employee attacked by K-9 officer

Working adults across Ohio are preparing to face a new day on the job. Workers pour their coffee, turn on the morning news, dress in their work clothes and prepare for their daily commute. That is a pretty typical work morning, right? Not for a Cincinnati park employee who woke up to prepare for her work day and dressed into her uniform overalls last month. She had no idea what her day had in store for her.

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