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Employer's wrongful conduct severs employee's fingers

Earlier this month, Columbus's own Riverside Hospital came to the rescue of a Newark man whose fingers had been severed. In a grisly work place accident, industrial machinery snarled the worker's hand and cut off two fingers. The man was transferred Riverside for emergency microsurgery.

The factory where the accident took place is a Japanese-owned auto-parts company. Incredibly, the company has been in trouble with The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) since 2009, yet appears to have continued with its unsafe practices.

In 2009 alone, the company had been cited 25 times for violating workplace safety regulations, fined over a quarter of a million dollars, and been found to have committed what OSHA terms a "willful violation." OSHA found and listed an astonishing range of workplace violations, from failure to supply eye protection for workers to irregular fork-lift procedures. Finally, it recently named the company in its "severe violator enforcement program" to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

The action OSHA takes may well save others from the same fate suffered by the man whose fingers were amputated.

The status of the injured worker is unknown at this time. However, he will undoubtedly have tremendous medical bills not only for the immediate surgery but future physical rehabilitation. It is possible the extent of the man's injuries may have even completely ended his career.

A bewildering array of new types machinery, turnover of temp workers, hard-pressed and underfunded regulatory agencies -- all these factors conspire to increase the incidence of work place injuries. But none of these factors qualifies as an "excuse" for any such injury, whether it is it in Newark, Columbus or any other city. Personal Injury attorneys who specialize in vigorously representing persons who have suffered a work place injury will be able to provide this man with advice and guidance through the legal process so he can focus on his medical needs.

Source: Newark Advocate, "Sunfield worker loses fingers in accident," Aug. 9, 2011

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