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Pit bull attacks terrorize neighborhoods

Hearing that someone owns a pit bull brings fear to many people because of their fierce reputation, but the citizens of Midwood and Borough Park neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York, have a good reason to be scared. It has been reported that there are pit bulls running wild in the area attacking people and pets.

Some of the attacks have been posted on YouTube, where an area resident identified the attack as the one that injured her dog. In the video it shows two dogs attacking her dog and then running off. With a swollen brain, her dog died of its injuries.

Another resident feels that the attack was similar to what she experienced last November. She was out walking her dog, when they were also attacked, killing her dog.

This pack of pit bulls is not only targeting pets, but people too. A small child was recently attacked and the community feels that something needs to be done to stop these wild pit bulls.

Animal control has received at least six calls since April of last year about the stray pit bulls, but whenever they arrive at a scene, the dogs have already run away. People should not try to capture these animals as they can be aggressive and dangerous. If you see them attacking a person or another animal, you should call 911. If they aren't being aggressive, but wandering through a neighborhood, you should call 311.

Although the city's animal control unit is understaffed, they are doing everything they can to get rid of the problem.

While animal attacks of this nature are not that common, you should contact a personal injury attorney if this happens to you. The attorney has the expertise to determine whether a property owner can be held for the resulting damages or the owner of the animal.

People that own an animal that may cause harm to others, have a legal obligation to keep their premises secured to protect the public. If the owner created a dangerous situation, an injured victim may be able to seek recovery from the property owner. Every case is unique and only the expertise of a personal injury attorney can figure out what options are best for you.

Source: CBS New York, "Stray Pit Bulls Terrorizing Residents In Midwood and Borough Park," Jan. 25, 2012

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