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March 2012 Archives

Head-on crash causes fatality

Driving is a way of life for everyone and most of us don't think about how dangerous driving can be even if we follow all of the safety precautions. For an Ohio woman who was probably running an errand, her day turned tragic for her family when she was killed in a head-on car accident.

Woman wins traumatic brain injury lawsuit

Sometimes we take driving for granted and don't realize that every time we get behind the wheel we have the potential of being involved in a traffic accident. For one woman, who was on her way to her son's football game, she had no idea how her life would change. As she was driving on a freeway, a hunk of iron flew off of a tractor-trailer and struck her in the head, causing her to crash her car into a median. The result of the accident was a traumatic brain injury and she now has serious behavioral impairments.

Man still recovering from devastating workplace injury

A typical workday turned tragic for an over-the-road trucker, when he was struck from behind by a front-end loader, causing him to injure his arm and leg. This workplace injury has been devastating for this man to recover from.

Staircase falls causing more brain injuries in young children

When your child takes their first steps it's such a joyful moment, but it makes you wonder if your home is fully child proofed. Every year, more children are falling down stair cases and it's causing brain injuries in these children and doctors feel that parents need to make a stronger effort in protecting their children around staircases.

Victim's family wins $5.2 million lawsuit

A recent wrongful death lawsuit was won by an Ohio family in the death of their father who died when he was hit by a semi-truck driver in 2008. The family sued the company that hired the driver and claimed the trucking company did not have any valid insurance on the day of the accident. The victim's family won a $5.2 million lawsuit.

Concussion symptoms in children can have lasting affects

Being involved in a car accident is scary enough, but when the accident involves your children, you may worry a little more about whether they are truly alright. Even though your children appear to be okay, it might be a good idea to have them checked out by a doctor for a potential concussion, or brain injury.

Sleep deprivation can cause accidents on our roadways

I think most people can make it through a work day with a headache, but it's really hard to stay awake when we are exhausted. There is a study that just came out that those in the trucking industry who drive while sleepy, report that their sleepiness affects their job performance at least once a week. Not the most reassuring statistic for other drivers on the road who want to avoid accidents.

Brain injury could lead to anxiety disorders

The causes of a traumatic brain injury can vary from a serious car accident or a fall. Brain injury patients experience different symptoms and recover at different rates, depending on how serious the injury and how well they respond to treatment. Doctors have now found a link between brain injury and an increased risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and a higher risk for developing an anxiety disorder.

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