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April 2012 Archives

Local steel plant employee injured in workplace accident

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere but certain industries and jobs may be more vulnerable to serious accidents. A steel plant employee, for example, was injured last week by an early-morning explosion in a rail car on plant property, but luckily was not seriously injured.

Dog attacks could lead to premises liability

Property owners in Delaware County, Ohio, have a legal duty to keep their property reasonably safe for visitors. If a property owner creates a dangerous situation or knows of a dangerous condition on their property, and does nothing to fix it or adequately warn of the danger, then any parties injured as a result may be able to recover damages through a lawsuit.

Families wait as truck case proceeds: driver pleads not guilty

Accidents involving trucks can have devastating results. Due to the truck's size and speed, truck accidents account for numerous driving injuries and fatalities, and often, a single accident with a truck can start a disastrous chain reaction.

Warmer weather could bring more dog bites to postal workers

Signs of spring are everywhere, but for some people; warmer weather brings more than just flowers and outdoor gatherings. For postal workers in Ohio, the recent warm weather can mean more loose dogs disrupting their routes. Dog owners want their furry companions to enjoy the nice weather, but sometimes forget to make sure their pets are properly restrained.

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