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May 2012 Archives

Brain injury leads to $18.5 million settlement

A recent personal injury settlement out of Hollywood should remind Ohio residents about the devastating impact brain injuries can have on an accident victim and the victim's family. Paramount Pictures recently agreed to a settlement in the amount of $18.5 million in a case involving a movie extra who suffered a serious brain injury during the filming of Paramount's movie "Transformers: Dark of the Moon."


Many of us have purchased automobile insurance policies that contain "medical payments" coverage, which pays medical bills we incur to treat an injury sustained in an automobile accident, which sounds like a good idea. It used to be that, if you also had health insurance, you could submit your medical bills to your health insurer and then use your auto "medical payments" coverage to pay for the things that your health insurer would not cover.

Ohio high in number of dog bite claims

Dog bites and animal attacks have the potential to cause serious injury, both physical and psychological. Every year, almost five million people are attacked or bitten by a dog, which creates serious public health concerns as the victims work through the physical and emotional side effects.

New workers' compensation grant program created in Ohio

For employees injured at work, most of the costs incurred from the injury, including medical bills and time away from work, are covered by workers' compensation. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation is working toward the goal of preventing workplace injuries and just awarded safety intervention grants to 16 different employers throughout Ohio. The grants totaled more than $350,000.

Financial recovery could help couples coping with brain injuries

Unfortunate accidents occur daily in Ohio, with many leaving victims with long-term injuries. In particular, slip-and-fall accidents and motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences such as brain injuries. For some, once the shock of the initial injury is gone, the victims and their loved ones are left to face long-term consequences related to treatment and recovery.

Fatal car and semi-trailer accident in Ohio

Trucks add another level of complexity and seriousness to what may otherwise be a minor accident. Trucks have both size and weight on their side and they can cause devastating injuries in accidents. Compared to the average driver, trucks carry added risks such as tired drivers, under-trained drivers and overloaded or unbalanced loads, to name a few. All of these added risks can lead to tragic results during a semi-trailer accident.

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