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Financial recovery could help couples coping with brain injuries

Unfortunate accidents occur daily in Ohio, with many leaving victims with long-term injuries. In particular, slip-and-fall accidents and motor vehicle accidents can have serious consequences such as brain injuries. For some, once the shock of the initial injury is gone, the victims and their loved ones are left to face long-term consequences related to treatment and recovery.

One such brain injury victim revealed the challenges faced by couples after such a traumatic accident. The victim's husband recalls the pre-accident bliss of their marriage, which suddenly changed when the woman sustained severe brain damage in a 2009 car accident. After spending a period of time in a coma, the woman returned to consciousness, but her faculties were severely limited.

Since the accident three years ago, her husband has lovingly cared for the woman. He spends his days tending to her needs, carrying her from room to room, bathing and feeding her. He also works with her on exercises aimed at increasing her physical and mental strength. However, the road has been tough, and the husband's recent job loss is likely to only place further burden on her long-term recovery.

Brain injuries can be very serious. They may require extensive, long-term medical care and affect a person's ability to return to work or provide for a family. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are suffered due to the negligence of another.

In such cases, legal remedies are available in Ohio to help ease the financial burden associated with the recovery and care of those who sustain brain injuries. While compensation may never replace what was lost, it can ease the burden for victims and their families as they try to move forward following an unfortunate accident. For couples, like this one, financial recovery could mean one less worry in the challenge of everyday life.

Source: WJLA, "Traumatic brain injuries challenge marriages," Pamela Brown, April 30, 2012

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