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July 2012 Archives

Motorcyclist dies after truck accident along Interstate 71

A tragic accident occurred earlier this month on Interstate 71 between Wilmington and Columbus. According to the initial reports, a 23-year-old man was riding a motorcycle on the interstate heading northbound toward Columbus. Witnesses stated that he "clipped" the back of a tractor-trailer and went flying from the motorcycle. Apparently the driver of the tractor-trailer did not even feel the impact of the motorcycle and did not stop after the accident.

Ohio woman uses brain injury as opportunity to help others

Brain injuries are scary not only because of the serious, potentially lifelong consequences, but also because of the potentially subtle symptoms. At first, there may not be any symptoms of the injury. Few people understand this dynamic unless they have faced a brain injury themselves.

Ohio woman seriously injured in workplace accident

Last week, a horrific scene unfolded at an automotive plant in Ohio. A 25-year-old woman became the victim of a serious workplace accident when her hair got caught in a piece of machinery, thereby removing her scalp from her head.

Judge challenges law on "dangerous" dogs

People in Columbus have a duty to properly maintain their property. Part of keeping their property safe may mean repairing dangers and performing regular maintenance as well as making sure people are protected from any unruly animals.

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