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Head injury leads to star's absence from CBS show

Ohio residents who are avid fans of the CBS show "The Good Wife" may be disappointed in recent news. One of the show's stars, Kristin Chenoweth, will not be returning this season. The reason for her absence: an injury that occurred last month when she was hit in the head by some lighting equipment during filming for the show. Chenoweth plays a recurring role of a political reporter.

On July 11, wind blew some lighting equipment and struck Chenoweth in the head. The actress was filming a scene at the time and was rushed to a hospital. The hospital released her the next day. Chenoweth gave a statement stating that she is slowly recovering, but this incident certainly highlights the seriousness of head and brain injuries.

Head injuries can do more than just keep someone out of work; they can impact a person's quality of life overall. Due to the hidden symptoms and difficulty in diagnosing brain injuries following an accident, victims may not seek medical attention immediately.

When someone has been hit in the head or has been in an accident, it is crucial for family members to be on the lookout for the subtle symptoms. More commonly, damage presents in personality or behavior changes like sudden moodiness, trouble with memory or trouble accomplishing simple tasks.

If any of these symptoms are present, the first step is contacting a doctor. If the negligent act of a party or person caused the injury, consulting an attorney may be a good next step. An attorney who is experienced in dealing with traumatic brain injury accidents may have a deeper understanding of the procedures and medicines behind the injury and may be more helpful in recovering any potential damages from the accident.

Source: Los Angeles Time, "Kristin Chenoweth leaves 'The Good Wife' after head injury," Greg Braxton, Aug. 13, 2012

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