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September 2012 Archives

Ohio survivor of crash dealt with serious brain injury

It's hard to imagine any good news coming from a devastating accident. However, two of the survivors of a deadly car crash are finally attending college classes again. Brain injuries are often the result of major accidents and one of the survivors, from Ohio, sustained a serious brain injury along with shattered bones. When she first awoke, she couldn't remember her name or that she was a Bowling Geen State University freshman. She was unconscious for two weeks following the accident and does not have any recollection of the event.

Double Ohio semi-trailer accident leaves 1 dead

If an accident involving a truck has devastating consequences, then a crash between two semi-trucks has the potential for even more devastation and injuries. Such a scene unfolded during the early morning hours in late August on the Ohio Turnpike. A truck accident involving two tractor-trailers left one driver dead.

Mysterious marks warn cyclists of trail's dangerous conditions

Far too often people are injured because of a dangerous condition on someone's property. But, unsafe conditions on bike and running paths are especially discouraging for those who just want to get outside and get some exercise.

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