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October 2012 Archives

Osha decision good for workplace injury claims

Ohio employees who are injured at work can usually rely on some relief for their injuries. The state's workers' compensation program helps to pay for medical bills and even time away from work. Unfortunately, some employees are afraid to report injuries at work or file a claim for compensation because of potential repercussions from their employers.

Learning more about brain injuries

Accidents and resulting injuries are frightening. Dealing with bumps and scrapes and broken bones is often not too big of a deal, but brain injuries conjure up new worries and concerns often because the injury is such an unknown to many. Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries summon images of paralysis, brain damage and lifelong disabilities. While it is true that such injuries can have a lasting impact on a person's life, perhaps knowing more about the condition will allay some of these fears for Ohio residents.

One man in stable condition following Ohio semi-trailer accident

When it comes to trucks, accidents may be different than regular car accidents because of their unique characteristics. Trucks have long bodies, which makes them difficult to turn. Truck drivers are often forced to use more than one lane of traffic in making a right turn. Trucks are also larger and generally carrying heavy loads, thereby making truck accidents significantly more dangerous.

Ohio postal worker bitten by dog while delivering mail

Those who own or occupy property have a certain duty to keep their property reasonably maintained to prevent injury to others. Premises liability becomes an issue when a property owner fails to keep the property safe, thus leading to injury. Liability extends to owners who knew of a dangerous condition but did not take the necessary steps to remedy the situation in time to prevent an injury.

Five injured in Ohio mine workplace accident

Workers and employees of the mine industry understand the dangers that are inherent with their jobs. Thankfully, employees do not need to worry about being left high and dry if they are inured or disabled on the job, thanks to state-mandated workers' compensation benefits. These benefits are available to employees who suffer from workplace injuries and the compensation helps pay for medical costs related to the injury.

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