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November 2012 Archives

Two injuries in semi trailer accident

Motor vehicles accidents are never pretty. But when it comes to truck accidents, the truck factor may add another level of complexity to the matter. Injured parties may be dealing with truck companies or independent contractors as drivers. The very nature of the truck- driving industry creates risks that aren't necessarily present with drivers in general.

Ohio companies receive grants to improve workplace safety

Many workers rely on a state supported system of benefits to help pay for workplace accidents and the resulting expenses from injuries. The Ohio workers' compensation system can provide benefits in the way of lost wages or medical expenses. But the best thing for workers and employees is to prevent workplace injuries in the first place and make efforts to improve workplace safety.

Ohio dog owner is fighting labeling under new dog law

Ohio residents are probably aware of the new dangerous dog law that is getting a lot of attention in the news. The new law was enacted this May and labels a "dangerous dog" as one that injured another person without provocation, killed a dog, or gotten loose three times or more. The law also labels "vicious dog" and "nuisance dog."

U.S. Senator's daughter suffers head injury

As the state of Ohio recovers from an exhausting election, residents may be interested to hear about a story developing around an active campaigner from the state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio. But the news coming from the Rubio family this week has nothing to do with politics.

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