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U.S. Senator's daughter suffers head injury

As the state of Ohio recovers from an exhausting election, residents may be interested to hear about a story developing around an active campaigner from the state of Florida, Senator Marco Rubio. But the news coming from the Rubio family this week has nothing to do with politics.

Rubio's 12-year-old daughter was injured in a golf cart accident in Miami. She was airlifted to a nearby children's hospital and listed in fair condition at the time. The senator was notified of the accident while he was on the campaign trail and left immediately to reach his daughter. The young girl suffered a head injury. Although she has since been released from the hospital, head injuries are often scary because they can involve brain injuries as well. Luckily, Rubio's daughter is expected to make a full recovery.

Head injuries should be taken seriously and extreme caution must be used until the injured person is out of the woods. Traumatic brain injuries are complicated because there are not always outward or obvious symptoms. Furthermore, it may be weeks before any symptoms present.

Families and friends of victims with head injuries should be on the look out for changes in behaviors or personality, including moodiness or trouble with memory. Those injured may also have difficulty doing normal day-to-day tasks or doing more than one thing at a time. If any of these changes become apparent, it is important to immediately contact a doctor. If the injury or accident was the result of the negligence of another, victims should also speak with an attorney for more information about the possibility of recovering damages from the negligent party.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Sen. Rubio's Daughter Injured in Accident," Sara Murray, Oct. 27, 2012

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