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December 2012 Archives

Ohio passes bill on youth athlete head injuries

Sport-related concussions have been a hot topic in the new recently. But while professional sports get a lot of attention on the issue, Ohio just passed a law that focuses on brain injuries in child athletes. The governor of Ohio just signed the bill into law that describes the new concussion rules for youths.

Ohio law poised to heighten standards in asbestos-litigation

Workplace injuries come in many shapes and sizes. Employees can be physically injured at work through machinery or other dangerous conditions. But workplace injuries also include the long-term effects of exposure to unsafe chemicals or materials. The state-run workers' compensation allows for payments to employees were hurt or disabled at work. Workers' compensation covers a variety of injuries and generally pays out regardless of who was at fault for the injury.

Truck accident leaves Ohio woman dead

Trucks serve a very important purpose in transportation and commerce. Due to their purpose, trucks are large and sometimes very heavy vehicles, creating added dangers on the roadways. Truck accidents can be devastating, leading to serious injuries and even death. An Ohio woman in the Granville community recently lost her life in a semitrailer accident.

New Ohio law focuses on concussion in child athletes

Ohio is following the trend in other states and recently passed a law that is meant to protect young, child athletes with concussion injuries. The law addresses the recent spike in these injuries. Young athletes clocked more than twice as many sports-related brain injuries in emergency rooms in 2010 as they did in 2002.

Ohio county revamps dog laws

Add it to the list of Ohio counties that are expanding their definition of nuisance dogs. Strongsville City Council approved the new definition at a November meeting. According to a councilman, the definition is changed to include dogs that attack other cats and dogs, not to mention humans.

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