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January 2013 Archives

Case for Ohio man killed in hit-and-run accident underway

In 2012, an Ohio man was killed when a truck driver hit his motorcycle. The accident occurred on the highway in another state, but has certainly impacted his family back home. One of the most grievous aspects of this truck accident is that the at-fault driver fled the scene of the crash. As a result, law enforcement officials are pressing charges for hit and run.

Truck accidents in Ohio illustrate impact of cleanup

It's no secret that trucks can be dangerous on the road. We know the dangers of truck accidents because of a truck's heavy weight and frequently high speeds. Truck drivers also spend long hours behind the wheel and driver fatigue plays a role in many accidents. But complications and dangers with truck accidents are often heightened because of what the truck is carrying.

Judge upholds Ohio law on maintaining exotic animals

Property owners and those who maintain property must follow a certain standard of care when it comes to guests and others utilizing the property. This standard of care means keeping the property reasonably safe for those on the premises. Reasonably safe may entail posting warnings for any dangerous or unsafe conditions, it may mean having an inspector come in to survey the property and it may also mean that know hazards need to be fixed. If the standard of care isn't followed, then a person injured on the property may be able to bring a suit against the owner or manager to recover damages.

Ohio dancer suffers head trauma after balcony fall at work

Every workplace environment involves it's own fair share of risk of injury. The type and probability of risk likely changes from industry to industry. And sometimes workplace accidents occur where they are least expected.

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