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April 2013 Archives

Ohio city considers registry to improve rental property safety

Property owners assume the responsibility of keeping their property safe for visitors and others using the premises. But property owners who simply lease or rent the property to others have additional duties as landlords. States generally require landlords to keep the property in habitable condition, both at the time the tenant moves in and throughout the lease period.

Ohio state insurance fund ready to appeal court decision

A state funded system to cover workplace injuries in a blessing in many cases. Ohio's workers' compensation system does just that: it covers the cost of injuries when an employee is injured at work or during the course of employment. Workers' comp is good news for employers too because it lessens their burden of having to pay these employees for their injuries. Overall, the system makes it possible to provide coverage for employees while not bankrupting companies and employers and reducing the need for personal injury claims.

Ohio company fined for workplace safety violations

Dangers in the work force run the range from actual physical injuries to illnesses. Much of this depends on the type of work or industry and on how seriously an employer takes workplace safety. Many employees place their safety in the hands of their company or organization. And unfortunately, some employers continually undermine safety regulations all while putting employees at risk by exposing them to workplace illnesses and injuries.

Ohio girl killed in run-in with lumber truck

Many aspects of trucks and semi-tractor trailers make them dangerous on the road. One of these factors is the type of cargo and loads that the trucks carry. To save time and money, truckers and trucking companies may push the limits and overload trucks or the loads may be unbalanced. For some cargo this may not be an issue but with lumber, it's easy to see why weight limits and properly stacked contents are important.

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