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Ohio interstate shut down after accident, paint spill

Traveling down interstates and highways filled with semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can make for a nerve-wracking trip. Trucks travel at high rates of speed, they are sometimes over-sized and they are often hard to see around. Truck accidents are also scary for a number of reasons, one of which is that the damage may be more extensive due to the size and weight of the truck. On top of that, the materials that trucks carry can be hazardous.

A recent truck accident occurred on Interstate 71 in Clinton County, Ohio. The early-morning accident actually involved two trucks. The following scene shut down the interstate for hours. Southbound lanes stayed closed for nearly half a day while the northbound lanes were open by the afternoon. Detour routes were established to help ease some of the backed up traffic.

The reason for the large-scale shut down was because one of the trucks was transporting flammable paint. One of the semi-trucks overturned and the Environmental Protection Agency responded to the accident to help clean up the spilled paint.

The accident produced only minor injuries thankfully, but the incident demonstrates the potentially serious repercussions from truck accidents. Depending on who or what caused the accident, someone injured in a crash like this could bring civil charges against the negligent or responsible party. Truck drivers who carry hazardous or flammable materials may need to use extra caution when driving. If they fail to use the requisite standard of care it may be considered negligence. And if the driver causes an accident or injuries, then the driver or trucking company may be liable to the victims for those injuries.

Source: News Journal, “Truck overturns on I-71,” May 23, 2013

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