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June 2013 Archives

Long-term effects of brain injury part of a chain reaction

Recovering adequate compensation for an injured person through a civil lawsuit is not always a straightforward or easy task. There is much to be considered when trying to determine how much the victim will need to cover medical expenses, loss of earnings or future medical care and assistance. When a traumatic brain injury is involved, the process deserves even more attention and expertise.

Rebate program focuses on workplace safety and economic growth

Everyone is hopeful that the economy is on its way toward recovery. And it's a good sign when investors start putting money back into the economy. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation is no exception to this and has created a three-part plan to enable the BWC to assist with the state's economic growth and be a partner for growth.

Business owners may face liability for Ohio man's lung disease

When it comes to premises liability, property owners in Ohio have all sorts of issues to think about. But instead of driving themselves crazy with worry, property owners should focus on awareness and prevention. It's impossible to eliminate the risk of every single unsafe condition or injury, but once an owner becomes aware of a potential risk, it is important to then take the necessary steps to remedy the problem.

Preventing workplace injuries may mean closing federal loophole

Although the devastating news of the explosion at the fertilizer plant was somewhat shrouded by the Boston Marathon bombings, Ohioans are probably now paying close attention to what caused the accident and how regulations need to change to prevent future accidents and workplace injuries. The fertilizer plant explosion in Texas killed 15 people. Authorities know that the explosion was from the stores of ammonium nitrate at the facility but they still aren't sure what ignited the chemical. The powerful blast destroyed 37 blocks of land.

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