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July 2013 Archives

Ohio man killed by equipment at worksite

Landscaping companies are out in full force this time of year. These companies need to take advantage of the warm summer months to get all their work completed before the fall frost moves in. Landscaping, like many other large-scale projects, can require heavy equipment and machinery to get the job done. Hopefully, workers in this field are fully trained and knowledgeable in operating this type of equipment but even with the best training, working with large machinery still comes with a certain amount of risk.

Dangerous buildings in Ohio town must now post signage

Unsafe conditions on a property can lead to serious injuries for visitors and guests on the property. But even first responders can be at risk. That is why Ohio mandates signage to alert firefighters that there may be dangerous conditions inside vacant buildings. Per the Ohio Fire Code, vacated buildings with structural issues must place a bright red sign with a white "X" in the window of the building. Firefighters then only enter the building if there is a life hazard. If not, then they fight the fire from the outside.

Broken, burning truck causes accident with debris

Everyone knows that driving can be dangerous due to the potential for accidents with other cars and vehicles. But sometimes, even debris along the road can pose a danger, especially when drivers aren't able to avoid the debris or get around it in time to avoid a crash.

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