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Broken, burning truck causes accident with debris

Everyone knows that driving can be dangerous due to the potential for accidents with other cars and vehicles. But sometimes, even debris along the road can pose a danger, especially when drivers aren't able to avoid the debris or get around it in time to avoid a crash.

An incident like this recently played out in Ohio along Interstate 74. Apparently, a semi tractor-trailer separated into two pieces while travelling down the road. Reports state that the front part of the truck was on fire. The truck fiasco left debris along the interstate and a conversion van travelling the same route crashed into some of the debris and ended up on the shoulder of the road. Two people in the van needed to be examined for injuries. The truck driver was uninjured.

The debris also shut down two lanes of the interstate where the truck was travelling. The Ohio Department of Transportation went to the scene to look at the damage and see what areas needed repair and the interstate was re-opened a few hours later.

Although the semi-truck didn't directly crash into the van during this truck accident, the truck driver or trucking company may still be responsible for any injuries sustained by the passengers or driver of the van. The accident would not have happened but for the debris in the road so investigators need to determine why the truck split apart and caught fire. If it is determined that negligent upkeep or faulty equipment led to any semi-trailer accident, then anyone injured as a result may be able to recover monetary damages. Because trucks can pose such a danger to others on the road, drivers and trucking companies must be constantly aware of their duty to other travelers.

Source: Cincinnati.com, "I-74 flowing again after crashes," Janice Morse, July 5, 2013

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