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August 2013 Archives

Ohio employer fraudulently avoided workers' comp insurance

Ohio workers are fortunate that the state provides an insurance system that helps their employers cover workplace injuries and get employees back to work. Employers and employees can, and should, take precautions at work to reduce or limit the risk of accidents, but workplace accidents and injuries are bound to happen. Certain work environments are inherently dangerous and that is why workers' compensation coverage is so critical. It is also why the state takes workers' compensation coverage so seriously.

Slip and fall at train station leads to lawsuit

When it comes to premises and property liability, there are a few important key points. Property owners in Ohio are responsible for repairing known dangerous or unsafe conditions. If repairs aren't made, owners must warn visitors of the unsafe condition. Furthermore, not knowing about a dangerous condition isn't necessarily a viable excuse. Property owners are also responsible for reasonable inspection as well as maintenance.

Drivers may share liability in semi-trailer accident

It's tough to imagine being in the path of an oncoming semi-truck. Most cars hardly stand a chance against these large and heavy vehicles. But imagine a semi-tractor loaded with steel coils. The weight and dynamics of the cargo load make this scene much more dangerous.

Falling TVs unsuspecting place for child head trauma

Head and neck injuries are scary at any age. But it is especially difficult to envision a child suffering from this type of trauma. Brain injuries, like spinal cord injuries, can result in lifelong disability. Most parents would do anything to protect their children from getting hurt but sometimes the biggest dangers are unknown and all too commonplace.

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