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Falling TVs unsuspecting place for child head trauma

Head and neck injuries are scary at any age. But it is especially difficult to envision a child suffering from this type of trauma. Brain injuries, like spinal cord injuries, can result in lifelong disability. Most parents would do anything to protect their children from getting hurt but sometimes the biggest dangers are unknown and all too commonplace.

A doctor at the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio recently reported that children are being injured at increasing rates from falling televisions. The rate of injury has increased in the last 22 years by just under 100 percent. For children under the age of five, injuries due to falling TVs increased by 125.5 percent during the same period of time. Younger children seem to be more susceptible to TVs tipping over and those under four years old are at the highest risk.

The researchers examined extensive data and the type of children injured, including age, gender, location of the injury and the surrounding circumstances, in addition to other variables. The most common injuries were to the head and neck. Not surprisingly, these head and neck injuries substantially increased the likelihood that the child was admitted to the hospital as a result.

In addition, falling televisions seemed to present the greatest danger to children, rather than striking the TV. Researchers noted that the increased rate of television fall injuries might be due to the fact that more people now have TVs in the home.

Even if parents follow all safety guidelines, a child can be injured by a falling TV at a friend or relative's home. If the fall results in a head or neck injury, it may be necessary to follow up with legal recourse against the negligent party. This type of injury may require lifetime care and rehabilitation that most families cannot afford without assistance.

Source: MedPage Today, "More Kids Hurt by Falling TVs," Cole Petrochko, July 22, 2013

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