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Ohio man killed while working at air park

Construction and industrial sites are usually packed with different types of equipment, all of which can pose risks to employees. However, sometimes the most innocuous equipment on site can cause injury or damage, including motor vehicles.

An employee of the Wilmington Air Park in Clinton County, Ohio, died after he fell off a work vehicle. Authorities weren't immediately sure what type of vehicle, but they did know that it was moving through a paved area of the park at the time of the fall. The air park utilizes a variety of vehicles to operate and maintain the airport.

The 52-year-old employee has worked as an industrial cleaner at the air park since 1996. Although Clinton County Port Authority owns the airport, it uses support services like the cleaning company that employed the victim. His job entailed routine cleaning and maintenance of facility buildings. He was taken to the county hospital but was pronounced dead later on in the day.

The employer company is investigating the workplace accident to determine the cause of the fall. The company announced it would share any information related to the accident with outside agencies concerned with workplace safety.

When employees are injured or killed during the course of employment, workers' compensation comes into play. Injured employees are allowed to file workers' compensation claims to help cover the costs of medical expenses or lost wages. In this case however, the family of the victim may be able to file a workers' compensation claim on his behalf to cover lost wages and pain and suffering resulting from the loss.

Source: News Journal, "Air park worker dies in workplace accident," Gary Huffenberger, Aug. 1, 2013

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