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September 2013 Archives

Routine inspections help grocery stores prevent slip and falls

Some Ohioans plan meals ahead and make the requisite grocery store trip a once-a-week event. Some people may stop in a few nights a week to pick up odds and ends. But either way, grocery stores are an inevitable part of most of our lives. As grocery stores usher shoppers in and out, it is important to remember that the store does have a certain duty toward its customers.

Ohio widow appeals workers' compensation denial

The state's workers' compensation system is a system of reassurance both for employees and employers. The system covers injury-related expenses for employees involved in a workplace accident. The system also deters additional civil lawsuits against an employer if the employer provides workers' compensation coverage.

Slowed traffic from previous crash leads to deadly truck accident

Sometimes drivers are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter how carefully a person can drive, there is always the possibility that someone else on the road will cause an accident, injury or even worse.

NFL finally reaches settlement in concussion, brain-injury suit

Ohio football fans are gearing up for the next NFL season, but football may start to look a little different this season. After the National Football League recently reached a large settlement regarding the concussion-related brain injuries lawsuit, change will be instilled. Over 4,500 former players joined the lawsuit and all hope to take part of the tentative $765 million settlement. The league has over 18,000 retired football players and all are eligible for a cut.

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