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October 2013 Archives

Misclassification means no workers' compensation for some

During the recent economic downturn, money became scare and the construction industry took a hit as a result. In order to cope with slowing business, some construction companies hired employees and incorrectly designated them as independent contractors instead. Employers opted for the independent contractor designation so that they wouldn't have to pay overtime, taxes or insurance for the workers.

Patient falls at hospital, wins premises liability suit

Most Ohioans go to the hospital with the expectation of being treated and healed. Patients do not anticipate a hospital visit to cause additional pain and suffering. But that was the case for one patient of a neighboring state who suffered a slip and fall injury while a hospital patient on hospital grounds.

Truck swerves, fails to avoid hitting cars on I-75 in Ohio

Commercial trucks are a necessary part of American commerce. Trucks, like semi-trailers, help transport consumer goods across the United States. The very purpose of commercial trucks requires them to be large and usually heavy. When loaded with goods, trucks can top the scale at over 80,000 pounds. This is 60 times the weight of an average passenger car and one of the many reasons that car and truck accidents can be so dangerous.

Ohio workplace accident sends three to the hospital

Each state is responsible for the safety of its employees in the workforce. States, like Ohio, must have laws in place regarding workplace safety that at least meet the same protection levels as offered by the Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Ohio state highway patrol confronts increased semi accidents

Although it is well known that trucks and semis create added risks on the road due to their size and weight, it is reassuring to know that the state of Ohio wants to do something about this risk. Truck accidents are not a new occurrence but there has been an increase in the number of semi accidents in Ohio of late. Recently, there have been over fifty accidents in central Ohio involving semi trucks, killing three people.

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