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January 2014 Archives

Investigation into fatal workplace accident

Regardless of the industry, field or type of job, employees have the potential to be injured on the job in a work-related incident. In order to make sure that employees can focus on recovery, and not on litigation to pay for accident-related bills, Ohio has a workers' compensation insurance system in place. These laws guarantee a fixed financial award for an injury incurred during the course of employment. This is an important safety net for employees and employers as well.

Driver charged in accident that killed Ohio woman

The family of an Ohio woman killed in a car accident one year ago may finally achieve a sense of justice. The semi-truck driver who caused the accident was recently charged with reckless homicide. The 51-year-old semi driver apparently failed to stop when he approached a red light. His truck crashed into five cars waiting at the light. Reports indicate that although the light turned green, the other cars did not have enough time to get moving again before the semi barreled into them.

OSHA considering new rule for workplace injuries

The state of Ohio provides a system of workers' compensation to cover workplace injuries. If an employee is injured during the course of employment, the employee can file a workers' compensation claim in order to collect money to pay for the injury. The system also protects employers. As employers pay into workers' compensation each month, they are less likely to be financially blindsided by an employee's injury and his or her need for compensation.

Victim suffer traumatic brain injury in car crash

Car accidents are upsetting at any level. Certain accidents are more devastating than others and when Ohio residents are seriously injured in a car crash, their family members are often left to care for the injured victim. One of the most difficult injuries, as far as recovery is concerned, is a traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI.

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