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Driver charged in accident that killed Ohio woman

The family of an Ohio woman killed in a car accident one year ago may finally achieve a sense of justice. The semi-truck driver who caused the accident was recently charged with reckless homicide. The 51-year-old semi driver apparently failed to stop when he approached a red light. His truck crashed into five cars waiting at the light. Reports indicate that although the light turned green, the other cars did not have enough time to get moving again before the semi barreled into them.

The truck accident occurred in Indiana on U.S. Highway 30 in January 2013. Two women were killed, one a 43-year-old Ohio woman who died from blunt force trauma. The women were in different cars and both had their seatbelts on, but it was not enough. Officers described a traumatic accident scene with one car on fire and another flipped over in the intersection.

In the addition to the two fatalities, six other victims were injured. They were transported to the hospital.

The 70,000 pound semi-truck crashed into the cars while traveling at 50 mph. Officers investigated the scene and said they did not discover any indication that the semi driver tried to stop before impact. Reported weather conditions did not suggest that there were any problems with visibility, either. The investigation determined that the driver did not leave enough space between his truck and the next vehicle. It is also maintained that the driver was not traveling at a reasonable speed. There is reportedly video evidence from the intersection that supports these conclusions.

The driver now faces a number of felony charges, including reckless homicide, involuntary manslaughter and numerous counts of criminal recklessness. In total, there are 15 charges, not to mention the list of traffic citations.

Ohio victims who suffer devastating injuries due to negligent truck drivers have the option to follow up with a civil lawsuit on top of any criminal charges. A lawsuit can be brought against the driver or even the trucking company. Semi-trailer accidents can lead to horrible injuries, even death, and the only way for some victims and their families to feel whole again may be through a recovery of damages.

Source: Wane.com, "Charges filed against truck driver who caused fatal crash," Kate Taylor, Jan. 11, 2014

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