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February 2014 Archives

Ohio workers fare better with workplace injury and illness

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation now has data from 2012 displayed online. The OBWC website shows both state and national numbers regarding non-fatal workplace injuries. And according to the data, Ohio did fairly well in the area of workplace injuries and illnesses.


Historically, under the common law of premises liability, if a person was injured due to a dangerous condition on the property which the injured person was, or should have been, aware of, the injured person was viewed as being negligent in failing to avoid the danger, which conduct was referred to as "contributory negligence." The common law then provided that if a plaintiff was at all contributorily negligent, he or she may not recover any damages from the property owner, regardless of the relative degrees of fault. For example, if the plaintiff was only one percent responsible for his or her injuries, and the defendant was 99% at fault for those injuries, the plaintiff could still recover no damages from the defendant.

Young Ohio girl hits head while sledding

For school-age children in Ohio, and throughout most of the U.S., this winter has produced many happy mornings of cancelled school and snow day announcements. Snow days for children often mean snowball fights, hot chocolate and sledding. Although sledding is a common winter pastime, however, it is certainly not without its dangers and risk of injury.

Landlord Liability

Historically, the courts throughout the United States held that, under the common law of premises liability, tenants could not sue their landlord for injuries caused by an unsafe condition on the leased premises. These decisions were based on the assumption that the tenant was in possession and control of the property, such that it would be unfair to hold the landlord liable for any injuries caused by a condition on the property.

Ohioans possibly targeted for reporting workplace injuries

A national company may be in hot water with the Labor Department for its treatment of Ohio employees. The Labor Department brought a lawsuit against AT&T on behalf of 13 Ohioans. The agency says the 13 workers reported workplace injuries and that AT&T treated the workers unfairly after the injuries were reported.

Ohio child injured in dog attack

No one wants to think of a dog as a potential liability, but in certain cases that is just the truth of the matter. Property owners must consider the safety of their dogs and other pets before welcoming others onto their property. Even the most loving pets can snap and injure someone.

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