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March 2014 Archives

Ohio Supreme Court decides disability benefits case

A case recently came before the Ohio Supreme Court that surrounded the issue of catastrophic injuries. The story began in 1991 when a man was severely injured in a car accident. He suffered brain trauma and spinal cord injuries. The one-car accident occurred while the man was working for his family's paving business.

Time change and the connection to workplace accidents

Many Ohio residents were a little bit more tired at work this Monday morning due to Daylight Savings Time. But the time switch, which causes us to lose an hour each March, may have an unintended and dangerous consequence. There is a documented increase the in the number of workplace injuries that occur on the Monday after we switch to Daylight Savings Time.

Early morning semi-trailer accident leads to life-flight

Pickup trucks are large, heavy vehicles compared to the standard car. But pickup trucks are still no match against semi-trucks and other large-scale commercial vehicles. This was made abundantly clear after a recent morning truck accident.

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