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May 2014 Archives

Increase in brain injuries noted by doctors

Accidents are common in Ohio -- car accidents, sporting accidents, workplace accidents, they all happen. While some of these accidents are truly unavoidable, many are caused when proper precautions are not taken or people are acting negligently. In these cases, very serious injuries can occur. While any number of injuries can be life-altering, traumatic brain injuries, in particular, can be devastating for an accident victim.

Ohio woman in grave condition following drunk driving accident

With Memorial Day, many Ohio residents are celebrating the unofficial start of summer. The warm weather brings people out of their homes and into social settings. As people enjoy the weather and the long days, many consume alcohol as part of their festivities. While alcohol consumption in and of itself is not dangerous, when people choose to get behind the wheel of a car, it can be deadly.

Medical malpractice claims on the decline in Ohio

Most Ohio residents are not medical experts. They do not know how to treat their own serious illnesses and injuries. In fact, most people need to rely on the skilled help of trained doctors and nurses in order to recover from even the most basic of illnesses, injuries and conditions. Doctors are expected to provide a certain amount of care in order to ensure that patients are receiving the best treatment possible.

Ohio cyclists may be safer, but crash data makes it hard to know

The weather is warming up nicely and that means that a lot more bicycle riders are taking to the road. The big question that anyone who rides or who has children who do should be asking themselves is whether they are as up to speed as they can be about maximizing their safety on the road.

VA treatment delays have deadly consequences for many in Ohio

We rely on the medical professionals in whose care we place ourselves to do what's right for us and reflects accepted standards of care. Failure to meet those standards can result in life-changing injuries. In the worst case situations, the consequences can be the death of a loved one.

6 months later, mom says daughter's death in crash still unreal

No one can put a time limit on the grief a person is likely to experience after the death of a loved one. The depth of that grief can only be imagined when it is a mother's being endured as the result of the untimely death of a child.

First of many expected suits filed in deadly bus-truck crash

Ohio readers likely recall the horrible crash last month in which a FedEx semitrailer truck collided with a motor coach bus carrying high schoolers on a visit to their prospective college. Ten people were killed in the tragic incident in California on April 10. Another 30 people were injured.

Wounds suffered in circus disaster could include brain injury

Circuses are notable for the creation of spectacles that seem to push the boundaries of the possible. The producers of such shows are under constant pressure to come up with the next great amazing feat. Sometimes, those demands lead to situations such as the one that happened over the weekend involving the Legends tour of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

2014 not shaping up well for Ohio vehicle fatalities

The Ohio Highway Patrol reports there have been at least 230 vehicle crash deaths confirmed in the state so far this year. If you add the 31 additional deaths that have not yet been officially verified, the number stands at 261. Last year at this time, the number of people killed on Ohio roads stood at 250 confirmed dead. Public safety officials are likely to agree that this is not a good trend.  

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