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4-day road check curbs 101 trucks for severe safety violations

Just how safe are we out on the roads of Ohio? No one really can say for sure.

Most of us drivers are pretty conscientious about keeping their vehicles in generally good repair and we have a right to expect, or at least to hope, that others are doing the same thing. But the reality is that we don't know what the dashboards of other people's vehicles are reporting. Cars and trucks aren't equipped to display such concerns to everyone else on the road.

And then there are always the little things that don't have anything to do with the mechanics. We don't know who may be driving illegally or not. In the case of tractor-trailer trucks, we can't see whether loads are properly secured.

When a truck accident happens, though, and someone is injured or killed, one or all of those things could be factors that deserve to be taken into consideration when accountability is being assigned. Obviously, the processes for finding out the details are complicated. An attorney's help should always be sought.

Giving just a small glimpse of the potential dangers that may exist on the road are the results of a road check operation that New York state troopers mounted recently. During one four-day period last month, officials focused their attention on commercial vehicles plying two main arteries in just two counties.

According to a report on the effort, they inspected 833 vehicles and found 1,326 violations. In 101 instances, the infractions were so serious that authorities ordered the trucks off the road.

Issues ran the spectrum. Some vehicles had unsecured loads. Some didn't have working operating lights or brakes.

Forty-five drivers were ordered out of their cabs, some for not having valid licenses or any licenses at all. Officials say 28 of the drivers had gone over their allowed hours of service and they say four of the drivers weren't medically fit to be behind the wheel.

Makes one think twice about the old phrase, what you don't know can't hurt you.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "101 trucks parked for New York safety violations," The Associated Press, May 24, 2014

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