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Ohio couple files lawsuit against sperm bank

An Ohio couple is suing a sperm bank for sending them the incorrect sperm for artificial insemination. The suit alleges that the women, who are white, chose a Caucasian donor, but they were accidentally sent sperm from an African-American donor. The mix-up was discovered five months into the pregnancy.

According to court filings, an employee at the Chicago-based sperm bank misread handwriting on the couple's sperm request form, believing they had asked for donor 330 when they had asked for donor 380. According to reports, due to hometown's mostly white community, the couple fears their daughter may be discriminated against.

The couple's attorneys said the sperm bank offered only a partial refund as compensation for the error. The women seek to have the sperm bank change its policies so future mistakes can be avoided. They also seek the financial flexibility to move their family to a more culturally diverse area.

Mix-ups by hospital personnel, errors by laboratory technicians and the failure of medical equipment can all have devastating, life-long consequences. For instance, a patient who receives the wrong medication could suffer a worsening condition that requires additional medical intervention in order to treat the illness. This could also lead to significant medical expenses.

In the event a patient suffers additional injuries due to medical negligence, he or she could seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice suit against the liable health care providers. An attorney could help these individuals by reviewing the details of their claim and by helping them file the proper documentation that supports their case within a timely manner.

Source: WKYC, "Ohio women sue after receiving wrong sperm", Sara E Shookman, October 02, 2014

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