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Technologies that help to prevent vehicle collisions

Ohio residents may not have heard the recent report about vehicle accidents provided by the National Transportation Safety Board, an independent governmental agency approved by Congress to investigate significant transportation accidents. According to the report, most accidents that cause fatalities are rear-end collisions, speeding, loss of control of a vehicle, running off the road and brakes that are out of adjustment. A driver can do several things a driver to avoid a collision should any of the above events take place on the road.

The NHTSA report addresses technologies such as automatic braking, cruise control, electronic stability control, lane departure warning and forward collision systems. The board says that these are proven, effective methods to improve driver reaction time, especially when the vehicle is a larger commercial one, such as an 18-wheeler that requires more time to come to a complete stop.

While some of these features are available in newer vehicle models, an owner of an older vehicle cannot add the features to their existing car. Many technologies are not even required to meet performance standards on newer models. The NHSTA suggests that the organization should be a part in mandating which safety features should be required by law to be installed in vehicles in order to prevent a catastrophic are accident.

Whenever a collision causes serious injury or loss of life, many factors could have contributed to the accident; for example, if an accident involves an 18-wheeler, outside circumstances such as driver fatigue, brake malfunction or defective auto parts could be the cause of the collision. An attorney may be able to establish which factors caused the accident. If negligence is proven, any guilty parties may be required by court to pay for damages that occurred, including medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: NTSB, "Mandate Motor Vehicle Collision Avoidance Technologies ", December 12, 2014

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