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The repercussions of receiving a serious burn injury

People in Ohio who have received a burn injury may be wondering what type of treatment is necessary for a full recovery. Depending on the type of burn, therapy or surgery may be needed. When a person is exposed to specific chemicals or comes into direct contact with something that is hot, the death of cells inside the skin can cause a severe burn. The thickness of the skin as well as the tissues underneath it could be destroyed.

There are four different classifications of burn injuries. A first-degree burn is classified as redness of the injured area with no blisters. A second-degree burn is present if part of the thickness of the skin is damaged and there are blisters on top of the area. A third-degree burn occurs if the thickness of the skin is completely damaged and it appears white and leathery. A fourth-degree burn is the most severe classification and includes the third-degree symptoms with additional damage to underlying structures, such as joints or bones.

Depending on the classification of the burn, a prescription may be given to manage pain. Additionally, topical antibiotics may be applied, and dead skin may be removed prior to the implementation of skin grafts. Recovery times may vary. If a fourth-degree burn has occurred, it is probable that scars from the wound will remain. A burn that is on a limb and goes around it entirely may constrict the limb. In this instance, a doctor may release the constriction.

A burn can cause serious injury that requires extended recovery time, and disfigurement and scars could result. If an individual has been severely burned, an attorney might be able to help them receive financial assistance to pay for full treatment of the wound.

Source: American Society for Surgery of the Hand, "Burns," Accessed Jan. 22, 2015

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