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February 2015 Archives

Ohio woman killed in three-car accident

A 34-year-old Ohio woman was killed when a dump truck and two passenger vehicles collided in Wayne Township on Feb. 13. The Butler County Sheriff's Office reported the crash happened around 2:30 p.m.

Ohio teen's sentence not severe enough for families of victims

In June 2014, a 16-year-old boy struck a tree while driving his automobile at excessive speeds. The crash was so severe that it was split the car in half, and the three teens sitting in the back seat were ejected from the vehicle and killed. The driver and a passenger in the front seat were seriously injured but survived the accident.

Bacterial meningitis case in Ohio settled for $1 million

Some colleges require students to get vaccinations for meningitis when living in dorms, but vaccinations sometimes have limitations as a 2010 incident at Ohio University shows. The school settled a lawsuit for $1 million after an 18-year-old student died of bacterial meningitis, and the suit alleged that OU acted negligently and committed a breach of standard of care.

Types, symptoms and treatment of spinal fractures

One common cause of fractures to the spine is a high-speed car collision. These injuries frequently occur in the lower and middle of the back. Ohio traffic accident victims and their families might need to learn more about the types of fractures, symptoms and treatment options.

How shopping injuries impact Ohio residents

Each year, thousands of people are hurt after slips while shopping. In some cases, these fall injuries were the result of a negligent store owner who created or otherwise failed to fix unsafe conditions. It may be possible for those who are injured while in the store or parking lot to file a personal injury case against the owner of the property.

Worn tires and the risk of car accidents in Ohio

Of all of the preventable risks that can lead to a car accident, properly maintaining and changing tires when needed may very well be one of the most effective. Tire treads are designed to help cars maintain grip on the road, channeling water away and helping provide grip even in snowy or icy conditions.

The dangers of shoulder fractures in car accidents

Shoulder fractures may be one type of injury sustained by Ohio residents who are in car accidents. There are three bones in the shoulder, often referred to as the shoulder blade, the collarbone and the upper arm. Fractures to the shoulder blade, or scapula, are somewhat less common than fractures to the collarbone or upper arm because the scapula is protected by the chest and by other muscles. However, an automobile accident at high speed may lead to a fractured scapula, and this type of injury may be accompanied by a chest injury.

Motorcycle riders face increased risk on roads

Riding a motorcycle is a favorite pastime for many Ohio residents. As pleasurable as motorcycle riding may be, it also presents some serious risks. Motorcycles don't have the same level of visibility that cars do. Additionally, drivers and passengers on motorcycles don't have many of the same protections that car occupants have. Some motorcycle manufacturers are attempting to enhance motorcycle safety features. However, even with those improvements, the risk is still present.

Effects of impaired driving and accident costs

Drunk driving is a known safety hazard on Ohio roadways and across the nation. Although laws prohibit driving while impaired by intoxicants like alcohol, drunk driving still occurs frequently and results in accidents and injuries.

Premises liability and Ohio negligence laws

When a person is injured on another's property due to an existing hazardous condition, the property owner may be held civilly liable in a personal injury civil lawsuit. The liability of the property owner will hinge upon the reason for the injured person's visit and whether the owner owed a duty of care to him or her.

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