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How shopping injuries impact Ohio residents

Each year, thousands of people are hurt after slips while shopping. In some cases, these fall injuries were the result of a negligent store owner who created or otherwise failed to fix unsafe conditions. It may be possible for those who are injured while in the store or parking lot to file a personal injury case against the owner of the property.

Generally, there is a higher rate of injury while shopping during heavy volume shopping days such as Black Friday. It is common to see people suffer from head injuries, broken bones or strains during times of overcrowding both in the store and in crowded parking lots. Parking lot accidents may also be the result of a property owner failing to clear snow or ice from the lot's surface. Injuries can occur due to trampling or because a shopping cart tipped over and injured someone in its path.

Injuries may also occur when a display tips over or an item falls from a display and hits a customer. Wet floors or carpets that have torn edges or are not laying flat on the floor might also cause injury. Additionally, poor lighting can make it harder for shoppers to see where they are going, which could lead to them running into displays or other customers.

Those who are injured as a result of a trip to a shopping center may wish to talk to a premises liability attorney. It may be possible to win compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to back, neck or head injuries. Compensation may also be awarded for lost wages and for punitive damages related to the property owner's failure to provide a safe shopping environment.

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