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More about brain injuries and comas

Ohio residents might be interested in understanding more about the different types of comas that can result from a brain injury. The different types include brain death, locked-in syndrome, persistent vegetative state, anoxic brain injury and toxic-metabolic encephalopathy. Comas may also be medically induced for temporary periods in order to prevent the brain from swelling after the patient sustains trauma. These types of procedures are typically restricted intensive care situations.

A complete cessation of brain function is referred to as brain death. This irreversible condition is often caused by a trauma inflicted on the brain that is widespread or long-term. Locked-in syndrome is a neurological condition that rarely occurs. This syndrome allows the mind to remain alert and awake, but the rest of the body, excluding the eye muscles, becomes totally paralyzed.

Anoxic brain injuries result from the brain being denied access to oxygen. Within just a few minutes, the cells of brain tissue begin to die. People suffering from Anoxic brain injury are typically involved in accidents associated with poisoning, a drug overdose, cardiac arrest, drowning or a blow to the head. A persistent vegetative state is a severe form of unconsciousness that inhibits the body's ability to make voluntary movements. People suffering these injuries may remain awake and breathing but will be without any higher brain functions. Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy is a state of delirium or confusion caused by organ failure, infection or a systemic illness.

Anyone suffering serious head-injury symptoms caused by someone else may benefit from contacting a lawyer. Legal counsel may be able to investigate the circumstances leading to the injury, and if the plaintiff's lawyers are able to demonstrate that the defendant is culpable for causing an injury, the court may award restitution to help account for medical expenses, repair costs and loss of income.

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