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Road rage in Ohio

Although road rage cases in Ohio are not known to commonly result in violence, the possibility does exist. Experts indicate that a more serious risk may be that the distraction and elevated emotional state that affects all people involved in a road rage incident could lead to a car accident.

There are no certain answers as to what the root causes of road rage might be, but experts believe that the human sense of territoriality may be related. They have noted a feeling of invincibility and isolation that tends to occur among drivers, and there is speculation that these feelings may allow explosive rage to grow unchecked. Situations that occur as cars vie for position take on emotional dimensions, and drivers may react with disrespectful and angry behavior. It appears that these angry reactions might lead to automobile accidents.

Authorities on human psychology think that the anonymity and possibility of easy escape contribute to the phenomenon of road rage. Since people feel secure in their vehicle and have a sense of confidence in their ability to easily maneuver, they may be inspired to behave more aggressively towards other drivers and not expect to face consequences for their actions. Ordinary citizens have stated that they would feel restrained from making loud or abrasive comments in personal situations, but they felt liberated inside their car to yell, honk the horn and otherwise make their displeasure clear to the other driver.

Irresponsible or malicious action that leads to an automobile accident may be considered worthy of legal redress for those who have been injured. A lawyer may be able to help the injured person or people to file a civil suit requiring financial payments that compensate for their damages, pain and suffering, economic losses and medical bills.

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