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April 2015 Archives

Study shows drivers underestimate dangers of distractions

Ohio drivers tempted to look at their cell phones when they are behind the wheel should consider how distractions reduce their perception of roadway hazards. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that people take their eyes from the road for only two seconds or less. However, when the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety tested distractions in a driving simulator, even two-second glances away from the road increased crash risks.

2 dead and 2 seriously injured in Ohio crash

Around 10 p.m. on April 20, two vehicles collided resulting in the death of two females and the serious injury of a male and female in the other vehicle. The accident occurred at the intersection of State Route 83 and West Smith Road.

Dealing with third party insurers in Ohio

With more vehicles on the road than ever before, most Ohio drivers will be involved in a car accident at one time or another. If the accident was the other driver's fault, there are certain things that a victim might do after the crash. It may be necessary to interact with the other driver or discuss matters with their insurance company.

Lung cancer scans may do more harm than good

Ohio smokers may be interested to learn that Medicare announced that it would provide the funding for annual lung screening for a certain group of smokers. Based on a 2011 study, it is believed that the screenings could reduce lung cancer fatalities by approximately 20 percent.

Wrong-way Ohio crash claims 3 lives

Officers with the Pataskala Police Department confirmed that three people died in a wrong-way collision on April 13. The catastrophic accident occurred on State Route 16 near its intersection with Taylor Road on that night.

Malpractice case to be retried after man awarded $2.8 million

On April 9, an Ohio court ordered a new trial for a case against OhioHealth Doctors Hospital after the appeals court determined that the judge had incorrectly had the jury change their verdict after re-deliberating. According to OhioHealth's attorneys, the jury's initial verdict was in favor of the hospital, but their verdict changed to being in favor of the plaintiff.

Ohio victims harmed by impaired driver

Traffic was stopped following a head-on collision on SR 108 near Airport Highway in Fulton County on March 31. Two people were seriously injured and transported to nearby hospitals, said authorities. Reports have suggested that alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the incident.

Higher alcohol taxes may help prevent fatal Ohio auto accidents

A study from the University of Florida asserts increasing taxes on all forms of human-ingested alcohol, including beer, wine and spirits, may be an important factor in reducing fatal vehicle accidents in Ohio and nationwide. The study examined fatal accident data from Illinois in the wake of a statewide, across-the-board tax hike for drinkable alcohol in 2009. Additionally, it contrasted data from Illinois with information from neighboring states for the same period.

Alcohol taxes can impact alcohol-related accidents

A study published in the "American Journal of Public Health" in October 2014 on the correlation between an increase in alcohol taxes and a decrease in fatal accidents may be of interest to residents of Ohio. The study found that after the state of Illinois increased alcohol taxes on beer, wine and spirits in August 2009, the number of accidents involving alcohol went down by 26 percent overall.

Sleep-deprived Ohio drivers more likely to crash

A study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that sleep deprivation or interruption is a potentially serious risk factor for car accident injuries. The groups most likely to suffer from causes of inadequate sleep, including diurnal-cycle interruption or behavioral and lifestyle choices, are people 16 to 29 years of age, nocturnal shift workers and elderly people. Men have a significantly greater likelihood of having a drowsy driving accident than females of equivalent age.

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