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May 2015 Archives

Hospital to pay millions to patient for failing to detect cancer

Residents of Ohio may be interested in a medical malpractice case that has been decided in Maine. A woman from that state has been awarded nearly $10 million in a case she filed against a hospital. The complaint stated that the hospital failed to detect cervical cancer even though the woman had regular Pap smears and other tests.

Legal malpractice lawsuits

Ohio residents will likely know that doctors and hospitals may face medical malpractice lawsuits when they make mistakes that cause injury, loss or damage to their patients, but they may not know that attorneys may also be sued for malpractice. However, a plaintiff must establish that an attorney acted negligently or failed to abide by established codes of ethical and professional conduct to successfully pursue such a claim, and simply not obtaining a favorable result will not usually be sufficient to support a legal malpractice claim.

Patient education key to successful surgical outcomes

A new Gallup poll shows that patients in Ohio and nationwide have better post-surgical outcomes when they receive key pre-surgery education. The survey could have significant implications for patients, health care providers and medical device makers.

Former ambassador injured in cement truck accident

Ohio residents may be aware of the June 11 accident involving the former Atlanta mayor and United Nations ambassador Andrew Young. The 83-year-old man was taken to Emory University Midtown Hospital to receive treatment for a shin injury as a result of the accident. Young reportedly was able to walk away from the accident.

What Ohio patients should know about their care

Although doctors tend to get most of the recognition and accolades when it comes to caring for patients, nurses are also a wealth of knowledge and experience. One important tip that nurses offer is that the month of July may be an inopportune time to be treated at a training hospital. This is because medical students are promoted to the next level of training during this month, which means patients may be receiving care from inexperienced residents.

Dangerous days to drive

Ohio residents may be interested in reading about some of the most treacherous days to drive. According to several statistical reports, more vehicle accidents transpire on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Additionally, drivers may be involved in a crash during the week following daylight savings time.

Mistakes doctors make regarding informed consent

Doctors in Ohio and around the country are required to ensure that their patients understand the benefits, risks and alternatives to planned treatments prior to providing treatment as well as understand the consequences of not getting treatment. However, many medical malpractice lawsuits revolve around a failure to adequately do so.

Business owners and premises liability

Business owners in Ohio are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of most individuals who step onto their property. This includes employees who work at the business, customers of the business, vendors selling merchandise to the business and even trespassers in some cases. If a business owner fails to maintain the safety of their property, they could be held liable for the injuries that occur on their property as a result.

Monitoring system may improve hospital health care

In a recent study about approximately 1,700 nurses, physicians, clinical-care staff and administrators, more than half witnessed their co-workers break rules, be unprofessional or make careless medical mistakes. The study also concluded that 84 percent of doctors observed colleagues who took dangerous shortcuts to care for patients while 88 percent worked with employees with poor clinical judgment. In the state of Ohio, this may be a big problem for the health care industry.

1 dead following fatal collision in Ohio

A traffic backup due to a construction project at the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in Warren County is believed to have contributed to a fatal collision on April 28. According to the state highway patrol, a 51-year-old Lebanon man was pronounced dead at the scene following a collision involving the commercial van that he was driving and three tractor-trailers. Officials say that the crash occurred when one of the big rigs failed to slow for stopped traffic.

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