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Monitoring system may improve hospital health care

In a recent study about approximately 1,700 nurses, physicians, clinical-care staff and administrators, more than half witnessed their co-workers break rules, be unprofessional or make careless medical mistakes. The study also concluded that 84 percent of doctors observed colleagues who took dangerous shortcuts to care for patients while 88 percent worked with employees with poor clinical judgment. In the state of Ohio, this may be a big problem for the health care industry.

According to a recent study, some workers may worry about being labeled a snitch or a troublemaker and avoid speaking up when necessary. In an environment where there are approximately 200,000 Americans dying each year due to preventable medical errors, the culture of hospitals may still be too deeply rooted in worrying about keeping one's job or being labeled insubordinate for disagreeing.

With an automated medical system that could track and record the movements and actions of clinicians and equipment, these concerns may be put to rest. Because everyone is being tracked, not just certain staff members, this may build camaraderie regardless of the position. For example, if a nurse notices that a doctor is using an unsterilized utensil, her tip could possibly help the doctor to aide a patient and avoid risking the doctor's job at the same time.

Health care professionals who may be concerned about the ramifications of staying silent while witnessing medical malpractice mistakes may want to consult an attorney. Suggested queries could include the process of malpractice lawsuits, how to properly report health legal concerns and tips on how to avoid continuous related issues.

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