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New technology tries to reduce dangers of a truck accident

Large trucks are a frequent sight on Ohio roadways. One problem drivers of other vehicles face when behind a big rig is knowing whether or not it is safe to attempt a pass on a two-lane road, and there is a danger to passing blindly. With that in mind, Samsung tested a new innovation to determine if it can alleviate this issue.

The electronics manufacturer has created a 'safety truck" that has cameras on its front. This camera will provide video via large screens on the back of the truck and give the driver of a vehicle behind it a real-time view of what the truck driver sees. This will allow a safe pass without having to worry about oncoming traffic. The technology has been tested in Argentina, a country with a high rate of accidents and a large number of two-lane roads.

As of now, the likelihood of this coming to North America is in doubt. While the idea is sound, many are wondering if this is something that might cause more trouble than it is worth. It might distract drivers behind trucks rather than give them valuable information and an improved outlook when it comes to safe passing. There is also the risk that drivers might not pay attention to the video screen or not understand what it is they are looking at if they are not aware of the new innovations.

Creating a safer driving environment is something that companies are constantly trying to do. Even with that, it does not mean that catastrophic injuries will no longer result from a truck collision. A victim of such an accident that was caused by the negligence of the truck driver may wish to pursue compensation with the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

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