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Ohio brain injury patients and cumulative trauma.

The brain is a sensitive organ, and even small bumps have the potential to cause damage over time. The effects of head trauma caused by contact sports have been investigated by researchers, but most studies only look into hits that result in concussions. Ohio patients may be interested in a Stanford University study that examined the effects of smaller hits that caused the brain to bump against the inside of the skull. The study concluded that even seemingly insignificant injuries can build up over time to cause damage.

Each year, more than 1.6 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries in the United States. Of those cases, 80 percent are relatively mild. The mild cases examined in the study resulted in headache and dizziness, but did not result in concussions. These mild injuries were not caused by severe trauma from an external force, but by the head stopping quickly, causing the brain to hit against the inside of the skull. However, researchers did not know how fast the brain was able to move inside the skull or what kind of force it would take to cause damage.

The researchers used data from three patients' brains to determine exactly how much the brain was capable of moving inside the skull. The data also helped researchers determine in which directions the brain would move. The brain moves around inside the skull even when a person moves his head, but even relatively minor bumps from contact sports caused much more severe movement. The results suggested that these minor bumps sustained over the duration of a game such as football are able to cause just as much damage as concussive injuries, even if the player is wearing a helmet.

Brain and head injuries can be caused by a variety of incidents, including a motor vehicle accident. If the injury was a result of another person's negligence, an attorney for the victim might determine that the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party would be one way of obtaining compensation for the damages that have been incurred.

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