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Anesthesiologist's harsh comments recorded during surgery

When Ohio patients go into a hospital for surgery, they must place a great deal of trust in the medical team that is caring for them. One patient in Virginia did just that only to learn that his anesthesiologist had been mocking him while he was sedated. After filing a medical malpractice and defamation claim, the man was awarded $500,000 for his ordeal.

The incident took place in April 2013 when the patient went into the hospital for a colonoscopy. Prior to his surgery, the man decided to use his smartphone to record some instructions that he would need to remember later on. By mistake, the man left his phone recording throughout the entire procedure and discovered later on that the anesthesiologist had called him a 'retard" and a 'big wimp" and made several other offensive comments about him.

One of the comments made by the anesthesiologist was that she planned to falsely note that the man had hemorrhoids even though she didn't see any. She also said that she would have liked to punch the man during pre-op and he 'probably" had 'tuberculosis in the penis." Although the anesthesiologist's lawyers attempted to argue that the man's smartphone recording was unlawful, the judge ruled that it was lawful for the man to record under Virginia law.

A person who has fallen victim to hospital negligence and abusive operating room staff may want to get an attorney's assistance. An attorney may be able to help the victim to determine who is liable for their medical and emotional injuries and pursue financial compensation from those parties.

Source: USA Today, "Anesthesiologist mocked sedated patient, pays big," Kate Seamons, June 25, 2015

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