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Concerns when diagnosing a brain injury in Ohio

As technology improves, it becomes easier to see more of the human body each time an image is taken. Therefore, it may also become easier to find abnormalities in an individual that may or may not be associated with the presence of a disease in that person. In the medical community, the belief is that finding a disease early enough may allow enough time to cure it.

However, this may instead lead to an overdiagnosis of some issues. In some cases, overdiagnosis occurs because doctors operate in a risk adverse environment. In other cases, it occurs because the boundary between diseased and healthy is arbitrary. For instance, it is easy to diagnose someone who has a severe brain injury. If a patient has a more mild form of brain trauma, it can be harder to pinpoint the exact symptoms.

For those with mild TBI, getting an initial diagnosis is critical for future treatment. This is because some symptoms may be due to the injury while others could have formed independently of the injury. Doctors may also be careful to label someone with a mild injury as being brain damaged because of the negative consequences associated with the the term. For athletes and other professionals, determining whether or not to find a new line of work could be based on their diagnosis.

Those whose conditions have worsened due to a diagnostic error may wish to pursue a medical malpractice case with the help of an attorney. Legal counsel could conduct a review of the patient's medical records and obtain the opinions of experts to determine if negligence was present.

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