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Investigating truck accidents

Ohio residents might benefit from understanding more about truck accidents, as described by the National Traffic Safety Board. The NTSB has been performing investigations on high-speed exit and entryways since 1968. By 1984, the NTSB has identified repeat drunk drivers as a significant safety concern. As a result of three studies performed in 1968, 1970 and 1988, the NTSB issued 30 recommendations to the appropriate agencies. In 1990, the NTSB conducted a study to evaluate the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse among heavy-duty truck operators.

The report compelled NTSB officials to recommend the states and U.S. Department of Transportation increase toxicological reporting and testing, especially for drivers who've been involved in a fatal crash. A greater focus on collecting specimens, reporting and testing after an accident was also one of the major recommendations to come out of these reports. The agency also suggested that every truck driver involved in a fatal commercial crash be required to undergo testing for substance abuse.

However, the three investigations that prompted the recommendations actually involved noncommercial drivers who were impaired and collided with buses while driving on the highway. Thereafter, about 50 percent of the NTSB recommendations focused on countermeasures for wrong-way drivers and motorists impaired by alcohol. The initiatives were adopted, but the alarming rate of wrong-way accidents continued. In order to assess how advances in technology could reduce the fatalities, six more investigations were conducted in 2011. In 2012, the NTSB found that, on average, 360 lives are lost yearly to wrong-way car accidents.

Anyone injured in a truck accident or wrong-way collision might benefit from seeking legal counsel. Lawyers might be able to investigate the accident and to help gather enough evidence to implicate whoever is responsible for the ensuing damages. Victims injured in these accidents may be entitled to obtain restitution that helps account for repair costs, medical attention and other hardships caused by the truck accident.

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