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Serious car accident injuries with delayed symptoms

Victims of car accidents in Ohio can experience serious mental trauma as well as a multitude of physical injuries. While a lot of car accident injuries are apparent right after a crash, many have hidden and delayed symptoms that don't appear until days or weeks have gone by since the accident.

After a car crash, many victims show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a mental disorder that can cause car accident victims to constantly relive the details of the crash in their mind and suffer from nightmares. If a car accident victim experiences dramatic changes in their personality, depression and impaired cognitive functioning, they could be showing symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

Some delayed physical symptoms after a car accident can be signs of serious conditions as well. For example, it is possible for a car accident victim to have internal bleeding that is not apparent for days. Deep purple bruising, dizziness and abdominal pain and swelling are all potential signs of internal bleeding that should be looked into immediately. A car accident victim with numbness in their arms and hands may have whiplash. Headaches felt days after a car accident could be caused by neck injuries, concussions or a blood clot in the brain.

Many car accident victims don't realize how much their so-called minor injuries will end up costing them in the long term. Lost working hours, vehicle repairs and therapeutic treatments add up. A lawyer may be able to help a car accident victim to do an accurate assessment of their damages and pursue financial compensation from the responsible parties.

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