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October 2015 Archives

Ad Council targets underage drunk driving

Ohio residents may remember popular anti-drunk driving campaigns from the Ad Council such as 'Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving" and 'Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk." Now, the Ad Council has teamed up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch a campaign that is specifically targeted to underage drinkers who might decide to get behind the wheel. The ads feature the slogan 'ultimate party foul" to describe underage drunk driving.

Colon cancer can be mistaken for hemorrhoids

Many Ohio residents have suffered from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. The condition is very common, and it can usually be treated with over-the-counter products or basic remedies at home. However, some of the symptoms of a bad case of hemorrhoids are similar to the symptoms of colon cancer, and a person could easily be misdiagnosed with hemorrhoids when the condition is actually much more serious.

The dangers of cheerleading in Ohio

Ohio residents may have seen that cheerleading has evolved into an athletic endeavor of its own. In fact, cheerleading teams may spend more time practicing than the football or basketball teams that they cheer for. As competitive cheerleading becomes more popular, the risk of injury from participating in the activity increases. According to research, it accounts for more than half of all serious injuries suffered by female athletes.

Autonomous cars and accident liability

Every driver in Ohio is responsible for being in control of his or her vehicle and obeying traffic laws at all times. With the future of automobiles set to include autonomous cars, the question of liability in self-driving car crashes is an important one. Autonomous cars are currently in the testing stages by several companies, including Volvo and Google.

Orthopedic surgery medical malpractice in Ohio

A study of orthopedic surgery medical malpractice claims was recently completed by a leading medical malpractice insurer, and it determined that there are a number of ways to reduce the chances that someone will file a claim. Along with this, it was found that just under half of claims allege surgery performance that was improper, 16 percent are for improper patient management and another 13 percent are related to diagnosis.

Comparison of motor vehicle accidents with other causes of death

Ohio residents may wonder about the odds of being killed in a motor vehicle accident. Data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection based upon 2013 statistics pinpoint where an individual is more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident and what states show the lowest probability of being killed in such an incident.

Early detection is important for breast cancer cases

Although Ohio residents might recognize the importance of screening for issues such as breast cancer, some reports in recent years have suggested that early detection is not necessarily the most important factor. Rather, many have suggested that improved methods for treating the disease are most important for a positive outcome. However, this is countered by the results of a study that included more than 170,000 women in Holland.

Inflammation may cause symptoms in TBI

Ohio residents who have suffered traumatic brain injuries may be interested in new research on what causes problems over the long term related to the injury. Two doctors from the University of Maryland School of Medicine believe that inflammation causes neuropsychiatric problems and chronic brain damage. The researchers have identified symptoms including cognitive decline and depression as possibly being caused by this long-term inflammation.

Bike helmets improve safety substantially

Bicycle riders in Ohio may be surprised to learn how much safer wearing a helmet is than riding without one. Researchers at the University of Arizona claim that people riding a bicycle with a helmet on are 58 percent less likely to suffer a severe traumatic brain injury. The study involved reviewing the records of more than 6,250 people who suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of a bicycle accident.

Brain injury research and solutions

While there are many scenarios that can cause a traumatic brain injury, Ohio residents may be most aware of the risks in sporting scenarios. Parents may be particularly concerned as their children participate in contact sports at school or in community leagues. However, people of all ages can suffer such injuries in sports situations, falls or car accidents.

Mislabeled medication can be deadly

Patients in Ohio health care facilities can be severely injured when they are given prescription drugs that have been mislabeled. A mislabeled medication might contain incorrect information about the contents of the container or the recommended dosage. If the warning label on a prescription drug container is invalid, this type of mislabeling can also be very dangerous for patients.

Suing a doctor for not having malpractice insurance

Ohio residents may be interested to know that the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that doctors who commit an error cannot be sued be sued by a patient for not having proper medical malpractice insurance. However, the court ruled that the hospital that employs the doctor can be sued if it didn't do enough to verify that the practitioner had insurance. The ruling stems from a 2005 procedure involving a patient undergoing a spinal fusion.

Opioids, the CDC and medical malpractice

Ohio doctors may be alarmed by the view of some professionals that the opioid guidelines recently drafted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may increase the rate of medical malpractice cases. Some practitioners view the most recent guidelines as problematic since a higher priority is placed on prescriptions asopposed to actually treating the patient. Many believe that using opioids is a direct route towards developing an addiction problem, rather than actually returning a patient to a normal routine or daily activities.

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